Tips ( & Where) to Park Your Electric Scooter in Public | Please Don't

As a commuting tool, scooters have been chosen by many people for their super convenience, portability, lightweight, and ease to ride.

However,  when we ride to buy some stuff outside, we have to lock and leave the escooters for some time.

So, here comes the problem,

Where do you always park your e-scooter?

Does your scooter become a nuisance to pedestrians and other riders while parking?

Where to park your escooter outside?


Ideal scooters parking place:

electric scooter parking racks, bike racks, areas closer to the curb, and areas that are not blocking the way or filled with crowds or vehicles.


Please don't leave it in a space that can block others’ paths.

A footpath, driveway, or building entrance is not a suitable place for you to park your best scooter.


Tips to park your electric scooter outside,

  • Park it properly

Find a flat and stable surface to park.

DON'T FORGET to lower the kickstand to allow your electric scooter to stand up, and park it along the wall to avoid obstructing the way on footpaths.

  • Lock the escooters

If you leave your scooter outside even for a while, your scooter is prone to theft.

Therefore, it is better to lock your scooter while parking outside. Because of their lightness and convenience, the scooters are easy to be stolen.

Finding a good lock for your scooter is a great necessity. Click here for the 3 best locks for your escooter.

Please don't,

  • Avoid parking at emergency exits or doorways. Emergency exits or doorways are for safety exits, parking the scooters here, would block the escape exit and even cause incidents.
  • Don’t park escooters at bus stops or subway stations. Because it would block pedestrians or other transport.
  • Avoid parking on private property, such as others' houses or private establishment. Please park in public spaces.
  • Please don't leave it flat on the ground. It will block the path and make trouble for others. Correctly park the shared scooters in the specified place.


In short,

Always remember to park electric scooters properly in public.

Park it in the designated parking spots.

Stay away from crowds, paths, and vehicles.

Proper parking, will not only keep your electric scooter safe but also save you money - when wrong parking will give you fines or penalties.

Wish you a happy new year!