How to Lock an Electric Scooter? | 3 Best Scooter Locks for You

It is of great need to have your electric scooter locked securely anywhere at anytime.

Buying an e-scooter is a great investment so nobody won't to come out and find his missing scooter.

Here are 3 types of locks for your escooters. Let us have a look.

1. D Lock

pic 1
The D lock, I mean, like the lock in the pic 1, is a lock in a D shape.
We all choose a lock, a strong lock that can best protect our escooters, so D lock is the first recommendation for you guys.
If you are going to lock in someplace outside for a long time, you could try this one.
It is tough enough to lock your scooter, and make sure that the shackle goes through the folding arm between the stem and the deck of the scooter.
It is easy to find some steel bike rack for locking the D lock in many cities.

2. Z  Lock

Z lock, compared to D lock, is much convenient and portable thanks to its size and weight. But it is still tough and not easy to be cut.
The Z lock is suitable short time locking when you are gona to buy a coffee and leave your scooter a while.
You can lock your scooter by adjusting the tightness, like pic 2 - locked tightly and secure the scooter.

3. Home Lock

pic 3
It is better to lock your scooter even inside your house.
We could use a ground or wall anchor together with your D lock for your escooter lock in your home.
It is easy to install the block anchor on the wall or ground by finding a strong fixing point. Finally, just use the D lock to lock your best scooter.
Thanks for reading and hope these really do you a favor. 

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