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KugooKirin G3

The wheels are 10.5 inches pneumatic tires with off-road tread, which is a great choice as the deep tread pattern gives you that added confidence you need in all-terrain.

Featured Highlights

★Top Speed: 50kph/30mph

★Range: 60km/37 miles

★Motor Rated Power: 1200W

★TPU Suspension & Dual Brake System

Versatile & Solid
KugooKirin M4 Pro

KugooKirin M4 Pro came with a 16amp hour battery, which is capable both of speed and range.

This is a fully loaded scooter it has a lot of features and functionality.
With the dual suspension and folding mechanism assembled, its a great scooter to cruise around on

Featured Highlights

★Top Speed: 45kph/28mph

★Range: 45km/28 miles

★Motor Rated Power: 500W

Hear From Others


Amazing ride! Very durable. Solid. My boyfriend rides it to work and back and it can go a week without charging. very long battery life!

Alisha machado
Los Angeles, CA

What a fun scooter this is! I paid over $75 to rent a scooter in SF, and decided to buy my own and take it anywhere I could. It goes fast! I definitely recommend a helmet since I accidentally ran into a tree. Hah! The quality is wonderful, and I can’t wait to bring it on more adventures! The only gripe I have is putting the handle bars on after opening the box. The cables had to be pulled out down below in order to install the handle bars easily. I nearly damaged the cables putting it on the first time, so be careful!


I've had the G2 and decided to go for the G3 because of the beast of a spec. I was not disappointed... Happy whizzing to work and back this scooter is an exceptional buy....

Thomas James
New Jersey

I originally gave this a 1 star but I retract my last statement. I give this a 5 star despite my original post, reason for it it is because yes it was faulty but the company was 100% willing to help in every step of the way. I was given a replacement for the one I received, in which worked greatly I was going from 25mph to 28mph. if any issues occurs I ask that you ask the company for assistance, because they will provide your with what you need to know from videos indicating instructions on how to do replace a part or a minor part that needs to be fixed. the battery life is more long lasting that I has expected for even an hour it only went down one bar, it's durable than the previous one I had owned compared to it it doesn't hold a match to it. it may be worth more in price but at least it's backed up by a company that cares for it's customers I believe it's worth the price.

Joseph Morejon
Evanston, Wyoming

This thing is awesome. Responsive, fast and so much fun. I use to ride my other scooter for commuting only, but also I take it out just to ride around for the fun of it.

Zubayr Boyd
Los Angeles, CA