How Do You Track Your Parcels?


17 Track( makes it greatly easy to track parcels. What you need to do is to enter the tracking code in and it will automatically find the courier with relevant tracking details. 

 You can check shipping information from different couriers on 17 track , such as DPD , UPS, DHL, Fedex and Yuntrack, etc. 

The most important is that you should know that even if the parcel hasn’t moved for several days, it is quite normal for reasons.

  1. Accident happens, and this special period makes everything just slow.
  2. Status of the parcel will be updated when the package is being cleared in the customs.
  3. Transport capacityof a delivery company is limited so sometimes it does not pick up and scan the parcel in time.

What you should do when package arrives locally but not updated? In that case, please contact local shipping centers for further information.




Different countries have different logistics query methods. but Kugoo scooter worth the wait. We always try our best

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