Why is electric scooter the winner of transportation?

Nowadays we’ve got many different ways to commute, such as cars, bikes, buses or trains. Buy i thinan k electric scooter is the most convenient and cheapest way for short-distance travel. There are several reasons as follows.

Cost Worthy

In the beginning, spending hundreds of dollars on a scooter does not seem like a good deal, but let’s do the math and then you will see the reason electric scooters are economical.

Cars are expensive for sure, even the cheapest cars would be a lot more expensive than high-end and good-built scooters. In addition, you have to pay for insurance, gas, maintenance , and so on. Public transportation seems very cheap, but it is not the case. Even if you only spend $100 a month on transportation, it would be $1200 per year. For $1200 you can own a very nice scooter and scooters usually last for 3- 5 years under proper maintenance.


Faster Than Walking

Walking is also a good option because it doesn’t even need electricity and has zero cost on it. But walking to work would take too much more time than riding a scooter, which means you need to get up earlier. And that is not easy for most people. And you may be late at work too. Under this circumstance, a scooter will be a big help.

No sweat

I know you are also thinking of getting a bike instead of a scooter, which can both be green and fast, and it is not needed to be charged. You even get to exercise by riding a bike. However, there is another side. You will get very very sweaty riding a bike to work, especially when your company is far from your apartment. It is not nice because i believe that your colleagues would not like that.


Easy to carry

Scooters are usually foldable and designed as a light vehicle, so you can take an electric scooter anywhere you go. You can take it to the subway and you can also place it in your trunk or even a gym locker! Here goes the worry about parking and you don’t need to pay for that!

More environmentally friendly than cars

Carbon dioxide emits every time you drive a car which is harmful to the environment. Riding a scooter to commute is so better than this. Driving a car may cost $1 of gas on every 5 or 6 miles while scooter probably cost $1 on electricity on 500 miles. That is so economical and green because you don’t need to fuel anymore.

All in all, electric scooters is the best way of transportation that you can image. Just try it! You won’t regret it. Keep up with trends and be the cool one this time!