Why has My Electric Scooter Stopped Working? - Common Problems & Solutions



While many of the situations below can be easily resolved with few or no tools, be sure to be safe.

If you feel a little difficult to do, it is better to find a professional to help you out ~ they will take all the safety precautions and they are more available for electric scooter malfunction.


How to deal with my faulty electric scooters?

To get along more amicably with our electric scooters, maybe we need to know why they're on strike.

  1. Fuse has blown or flipped

After all, electric scooters are powered by batteries, sometimes the electric scooter does not start, you can flip the fuse of the ignition, and when you open it, the scooter does not respond, then maybe the fuse is flipped or blown.


Check to see if the main fuse or ignition fuse is flipped.

If so, turn them back to the "on" position. Then, try to start the engine.

If it has been blown, you will need to replace the fuse and we always recommend that you go to a professional for a blown fuse.


      2. Dead battery

There is something different between a battery being low and it being dead. A low battery can still wake up an electric scooter but doesn’t have enough power to drive you, while a dead battery can do nothing.


So the best way for you to wake up your scooter is just to give its power, yeah, it needs to be charged.

You need more time to wake up a dead battery so we always kindly recommend you charge your scooter before dead, low battery and it is time for you to charge it.

Batteries can lose their charge and power with use and time, so if it isn’t charging, it’s time to replace it.


  1. No acceleration or weak acceleration

When you find that the electric scooter goes very slowly when you ride, sometimes it won't even move at all. Then you can try this solution.


If you can barely get the scooter to move, or if it won't go at all when you touch the throttle, then there may be a problem with the electrical controller or a blown or flipped fuse.

At this point, the engine can't draw energy from the battery and the scooter won't move.

This is a mechanical problem and you may need to take it to a professional for repair.


      4. Tires not inflated

Sometimes the battery is full everything is good, but you still find it hard to ride forwards, maybe you should check out your tires if it is not solid.
An inflated tire definitely cannot easily carry you to where you wanna go.


Check your tire just by simply squeezing the tire with your hand to see if there is enough air.


       5. Brake Lever Switch

Sometimes the brake lever switch might get turned on accidentally. It’s a safety feature that can save lives, but also it can fail at times.


Often, the wiring is loose. Check all the loose wires and reconnect them.

If still doesn’t work, you may need to seek professional repairs.


Some other problems that you get riding an electric scooter, feel free to contact us~