What scooters are best for daily use?

We got 3 types of scooters --- kick scooters, electric kick scooters and off-road scooters. Now let’s find out which scooter is best for daily use.

Kick scooters are usually for kids because they are relatively safer than electric scooters. Adults and teens mostly ride electric kick scooters. Some ride off-road electric scooters either, but mostly for fun, instead for daily use because it is a bit heavier than regular one. Electric scooters for daily use should bear 3 features as follows.

1. Proper Speed

Scooters for daily use should not be too fast. 25km/ to 35km/h is the most comfortable speed for commuting or going around town. But it is no good if the scooter runs too slow because it will take you a long time to get to the destination, especially when you ride the scooter to work then you may be late. If you just ride it for fun, you may like an off road scooter with much faster speeds like 45km/h or 55km/h.

2. Suitable Motor

250w, 350w, 500w and 800w? Which one should be chosen? In my opinion, a 250w motor would lack driving force to transport an adult, which leads to a very slow speed. 350w to 500w motor offer enough but not the very strong driving force for your daily use and also keep you safe. 800w is often found in off-road scooters which are much bigger and heavy, so they need a stronger power motor.

3. Decent Battery

Battery decides the max range of a scooter in some way. To meet the need of daily use, a scooter should be equipped with at least a 6Ah battery, or above. Scooters come with 6Ah or 7.5Ah batteries that are capable to reach about 30km range. If you think this is not enough, there are also 10Ah or 13Ah batteries, and these can provide at least a 40km range. Batteries in 16Ah or above are normally built in off-road scooters; they can go more than 60km but the price goes up as the battery becomes bigger. So you should take your purpose into account and look at the battery capacity when you try to order a scooter. Off-road scooter is of fun though, but is it necessary for you? You gotta ask yourself before you buy one.

KUGOO scooter has both regular scooters and off-road scooters. For daily use, I recommend Kugoo S1Kugoo S1 pro , and M2pro, as for off-road scooter, i recommend Kugoo M4 pro. We also have a kids electric scooter -- Kirin Mini 2, suitable for kids above 6 old year. It has three speed mode, not fast but not very slow.