What is the lifespan of an electric scooter?

You may think that electric scooters are new in the market but actually they are not. E scooters have been there for a long time, but few people heard about it or rode it on the street. However electric scooter has developed its popularity recently because its special features and becomes legal in most cities. Most people love scooter but few also hates it, but you may still would like to know the lifespan of electric scooters no matter what your views are.

The average lifespan of an electric scooter

 There are only a few reports about the lifespan of electric scooters, so I can only conclude it approximately. The lifespan of rental electric scooters is usually about 1 - 6 months but private scooters enjoy a much longer lifespan of 2 or 3 years under proper care and maintenance. So what causes the difference?

Kugoo electric scooter

 Factors that cut the lifespan of electric scooters

Rental scooters are usually parked outdoors no matter the shine or rain which is harmful to electric products. They mostly are not waterproof but people won’t pay attention to them because it is not their private scooter. Just ride it anyway.

Temperature is also a very essential factor. High temperature causes damage to lithium battery, however cold weather makes the motor not work well.

Dust could be a problem too. Rental scooters may not be cleaned for a very long period so there would be a lot of dust on like battery or controller box, which brings harm to these parts. Shared scooters could be parked everywhere such as on streets or sidewalks, so they fell very often.

Other factors like being overweight and careless riding decrease the lifespan of electric scooters either.

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 Parts that tend to get broken

Tires. Although solid tires seem like more convenient because it won’t get flat, but it is not capable to provide a smooth ride. On the other side, pneumatic tire needs to be replaced once a while but it provides a more comfortable ride.

Rear fender. This part is used as a rear brake by stepping on it, so it is relatively easy to break with improper use.

Front light. We all know that light is always fragile. Pay more attention to it during riding in case you crash it by accident.

Brake. Most riders may not know that brake actually could age. The lining on the brake pad would be worn as you ride the scooter. After 1 year or more than 1 year use, the lining is usually needed to be replaced.

Battery. Charge the scooter when it has one bar left. Do not wait until it completely ran out of power, which decrease the lifespan of the battery. And keep the battery away from water because water damage for a battery is fatal.

folding electric scooter 

How to increase the lifespan of an electric scooter?

To improve the lifespan of a scooter, the rider needs take care of it and give proper maintenance. We have posted a blog about Tips for Electric Scooter Maintenance.

In general, rental scooter’s short lifespan comes from less maintenance from riders and private - owned scooter goes the opposite.