Top 5 Electric Scooter Accessories - Making Your Ride Safer

Below are some electric scooter accessories to help you ride in a safer and convenient way. Let's find out!


Well, not a legal requirement, we highly recommend putting them on on every time you jump on your electric scooter. You can spend from 25 up to 150 pounds and the premium helmets may come with cool features like light and comfier, straps. Anyway, helmets come highly recommended from us.


The most common type of puncture is a pinched puncture, happened when your tires’ pressure is too low and you just hit something like a curb or a pothole.

In order to avoid pinch punctures, we can keep tire pressure topped up and to do that, you need a pump. Here are 3 kinds of pumps for you, track pump, hand pumps, air pump.


Nobody wants to be in the unfortunate situation of having their electric scooter stolen so a lock is needed.

There are some different options to choose from, if you're only going to lock your scooter up for a short amount of time in a low risk area, and then portable hip lock would be the way to go.

If you are going to leave your electric scooter locked up for longer periods of time in more unsecure areas, you'll need a sturdier hardened steel lock, however obviously heavier so you need to carry them in a bag.


A really good way to increase your safety with built in lights when riding an electric scooter. And you can also get wearable lights that you can clip to the back of something like a backpack for higher lighting output.

Puncture prevention fluid

Changing tires on your electric scooter can be tricky especially out in the cold, so keep your tires at optimal pressure, we would highly recommend using puncture prevention fluid.  

When you get a puncture, the slime like substance will automatically find the hole and seal it without you ever knowing there is a problem.

So there are our top 5 electric scooter accessories.

If you have any questions, do leave them in the comments below and if you have any recommendations of your own we would love to hear about those.