How to Store Your Electric Scooter for Adults in Winter?

Riding in winter will be tough for most riders. Some of them choose to store their electric scooter for adults for a while and get their scooters the next spring.

However, where should we store our electric scooters?

Avoid these places that are not suitable for electric scooters.

  • Wet garage or basement.
  • Extremely hot or cold conditions.
  • Next to the heating area, like the wall beside the window, where the temperature is not stable.


Just 2 things to avoid, water, moisture, and extreme degrees.


Some riders are prone to hang their scooter on the wall. You can easily buy some wall holders on Amazon and install them on the wall. It is a good alternative to store your scooter and doesn’t cost too much space.

Still, avoid installing the wall holder near extreme degrees or places with moisture.


How to store your electric scooter for a long period?

We have determined the right place for long-time storage. Then there is still something we should do before storing.

Top of all, take care of your scooter’s battery.

The battery is always one of the most important parts of the electric scooter and it is so much more much expensive than all the scooter’s accessories.

Do your best to prolong the battery lifespan even in the storage time.


  • Charge the battery properly

Don’t simply charge your scooter battery to 100% full electricity as you always do after a ride. The full charge is for tomorrow's ride, not a long time storage.

Take your battery inside somewhere warm, and then charge it to around 50-70%. So you can get the perfect storage voltage for your battery lifespan.

Take your battery out of the scooter and store it. So that you can have a full inspection before simply storing the battery together with the scooter and without finding anything wrong. You can check the lines by the way.

Then find a waterproof bag to pack the battery, if possible, get one bag also fireproof, which can be more safe and perfect for your battery.


If you need to store it for a long long period, remember to recharge the battery every 2-3 months. It would be better if you can check whether the battery is in good condition or not.

  • Clean the scooter carefully before storing

Regular cleaning after each ride, like the dust and water on the tires or deck, etc. The daily maintenance can largely diminish the time to repair. And it helps prolong the lifespan of the scooter.

If you decide to store the electric scooter, do the last time clean is necessity.


Carefully clean your electric scooter before storing it. Get rid of any water or dirt to avoid any corrosion during storage time.

If there is still water on the scooter, it may cause rust for a long time and damage the electronic during storage time.

So, get a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and a dry one to get the water off the scooter. Pay attention to the screw's places.


  • Pack your electric scooter at last

When you have done all the above things, your scooter is ready to rest for a long time.

Like many riders do, you can buy a wall holder for a scooter or a cheap storage rack for scooter storage. Then put your electric scooter in a bag. Last, put the scooter bag on the rack or wall holder.


  • After longtime storage

After long winter storage of your electric scooter, here are something to check before riding it out.

Check the scooter’s condition. Make sure your scooter is still normal for the ride.

Charge the battery to 100%. Just charge the battery like normal for a whole ride.

Get the scooter’s tire under suitable pressure. It is normal if the tires get flat for a long period of storage. Just pump up the tire to a decent tire pressure. Then you are ready to go.


Final words

Don’t just put your scooter aside for a long time without doing the above storage stuff. Right storage steps can ensure you a completely perfect electric scooter after a winter.

Do more and save more time and money to get your scooter repaired.

Take care of your electric scooter even during storage. :)