How to Store Your Electric Scooter for a Long Period?

Many scooter users will choose other ways of travel such as public transportation and place the electric scooter at home for 2-3 months, and then ride it again when the weather turns warm in the coming spring. So electric scooters are placed at home for 2-3 months, how should be stored so that electric scooters extend their life?


Generally speaking, the electric scooter is idle in winter, but the battery cannot be idle. If the electric scooter is not used for a long time, the following points should be noted when storing it.


  1. Clean the electric scooter first

When your electric scooter is dirty by mud or riding through a dusty or sandy place you will of course clean it. But what if your electric scooter is clean? Do we still need to clean it?

We recommend cleaning it anyway.

Because dust and other particles may accumulate in some components of your device, this is an easy place to overlook.

Of course, you just need to wipe the components with a towel, especially the under-deck components. Not a lot of trouble, right?

Doing so will also allow you to inspect your electric scooter to see if it has any damage from the last trip.


  1. Never store it at a loss of power

Perhaps many people are not used to using play electric scooters by hand charging.

We have a suggestion, do not let your battery run down, even if you will not use it for a long time. Because a long time battery is not charged will directly affect your battery capacity and performance. The battery should be charged once a month to keep it in a healthy state when it is not in use. Make sure to charge it to 50% at least once a month. If you will be using it the next day, charging it to a full charge will do the trick.

Also, avoid charging your electric scooter in places that are too cold or too hot. Harsh temperatures will deplete your battery capacity and life faster.


  1. Control the charging time

Electric scooters are best charged once a month for long-term storage. Electric scooters can be charged according to the charging time in the manual, and electric scooter riders should accurately grasp the charging time.

Many riders believe that the longer the charging time the more battery power, which is wrong, long time overcharge is likely to lead to battery deformation, water loss, and other phenomena, thus directly endangering the battery life.


  1. Use an electric scooter bag

After cleaning, it is recommended to use an electric scooter bag to put up the electric scooter and then store it. Because we may forget it, to avoid dust, rain, etc., doing so will make you feel relieved when you use the electric scooter again. After all, it's still brand new and doesn't need extra cleaning.


  1. Dry and ventilated environment

If the battery is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed from the apparatus and stored in a dry and cool place, it is recommended to park in the garage. Avoid low temperatures and humidity, be careful to prevent the battery from water and do not place the battery in the microwave, high pressure, and other environments.


  1. Check regularly and regularly

After storage, if you ride and find that the electric scooter range drops significantly, at least one of the batteries in the battery pack likely has a broken cell, softening of the polar plate, the active material of the polar plate off, and other short-circuit phenomenon, you should promptly go to a professional battery repair institution to check, repair or match the group, to extend the battery life.


  1. Remember to use the key to lock up

Even if you store your electric scooter at home, you should lock your electric scooter with an external lock to add extra protection and safety. Such as U-locks, D-locks, cable locks, and heavy-duty chains, etc.

This will also avoid the danger of children too young to sneak out to ride at home. Of course, you can consider yourself, this is an additional reminder.



Final Tips

The battery can be said to be the "heart" of the electric scooter, the state of the battery is directly related to the overall performance of the electric scooter, especially in winter, the battery maintenance is particularly important. Don't forget to charge the battery at least once a month to keep it in good condition.

Also make sure to check the tires, especially if you have pneumatic tires.

Taking good care of your electric scooter will extend its life and make your investment more worthwhile.