How to ride an electric scooter?

1、Wear protective equipment.

Always wear a bike helmet. You must wear a helmet, whether for normal riding or training. Real data shows: riding without a helmet, accident injuries, and a mortality rate of over fifty percent!
Beginners would also be wise to wear knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards while training to protect themselves in the event of a fall.

 how to ride an electric scooter

2Start with a flat, paved road.

Find a smooth road with as few cracks and ruts as possible.

Don't ride on curbs and dirt roads with water on them, or you'll be prone to falls and slips.


3、Use proper posture.

(For beginners) Place your one leg in the middle of the scooter deck.

 It should be facing the front. Your knees should be bent. Lean forward slightly and grasp the handlebar with both hands.

Place the other foot on the ground.

  • Unless you need to maintain a straight tube when riding (the front of the scooter supports the front of the handlebar), the pole is always straight. This is the key to maintaining balance on a scooter.

4、Tips for beginners

  • Use one leg to push off the ground. When your other leg is firmly anchored to the deck and bent at the knee, use that leg to push off the ground. This will propel you forward. 
  • To slide, kick your foot off the ground, maybe a few inches off the ground, and glide slowly. In case you start to topple over, stabilize yourself.
  • When you feel you can keep your balance on the scooter, press the throttle button and slowly accelerate. It should be black and on the right.
  • When you have enough momentum, balance your feet on your scooter.
  • To stop, hit your brake with your back (kicking) foot. Press down on the brake gradually so that you don’t stop too quickly. Or use handbrakes. Squeeze on the brakes gradually with your fingers. 
  • Take a curve by slowly rotating the handlebar in the direction you wish to turn.
  • Ride at a safe speed. Be aware of pedestrians, especially in urban areas.