How to Maintain Your Electric Scooter | an E-scooter Maintenance Guide Does You a Favor

“Ops, what happened to my electric scooter, it just can’t start!”

Have you ever come across such things or other things that your scooter is against you?

We can do something such as annoying things with daily maintenance, thus extending the life of your electric scooter. :>

Before maintaining your scooter, you should learn a few things about learning and connect to the ride of the scooter itself.

Some quick tips for you

  • Avoid riding it in the rain

Although the e-scooter has IP 54 waterproof, you’d better not ride it on rainy days, for your safety as well.

  • Try to keep it clean

Cleaning your e-scooter not only makes it much more beautiful but cleans the debris in the wheel to avoid riding problems.

  • Charge your scooter regularly

Regular charging help extend your scooter battery service life.

  • Check everything right

Check out the standing pole locked in place or the foot support stand rightly. To avoid unnecessary breaks or damages to your scooter and also to your pocket.

All right, then comes to the Tire Maintenance~

Then, it is hard to avoid talking about the tire pressure, cause the suitable tire pressure does a lot to your ride. And it is not suggested to always keep your tire at full pressure cause that is a misconception.


Don’t exceed the maximum tire pressure said in the manual.

So, you’d better check your recommended tire pressure~

Maybe you said, Oh, then I just keep a low tire pressure which will be safe~

Aha, lower than the recommended pressure may trouble you.

Something like,

Riding like a snail;

Your battery uses up more quickly;

Damages to your wheels, etc.


How about I give my tires more pressure?

Maybe it can not be a sensible decision as well.

  • You may fall off of the quick acceleration of the scooter, also not a comfortable riding experience.
  • Sometimes can be dangerous when you are turning directions or going up and down, etc.


So, give your scooter a recommended tire pressure.

How to determine if the tire is okay when pumping?

Many people are relying on the feeling,

Use the air gun to pump your tires, if you feel it is laborious to pump in anymore, and it is done.
Knock on the tire with your hand, if the tire is not deformed, then it is okay.


How to maintain your e-scooter battery?

We have some suggestions for you.

  • When you need to store your scooter, please keep half of the charge

If you are going to go several days without riding your electric scooter, two key factors can affect the overall operation of the battery: the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery that is charged before it is disconnected for storage.

Therefore, we recommend the following.

(1) Do not fully charge or fully discharge the battery; it is best to keep the battery charge at about 50%. If you store the device in a completely depleted state, the battery may fall into a deeply discharged state, resulting in consequences that can no longer be charged.

Conversely, if you store a fully charged device for a long time, you may lose some of the battery capacity, thus shortening the battery life.


(2) Place the device in a cool, non-humid environment, preferably at a temperature of less than 35℃/95℉.


(3) If you plan to store the equipment for a month or more, it is best to achieve a deep discharge once a month.


  • Don't replace the charger frequently

Each electric balance scooter manufacturer has personalized requirements for chargers in general, and each charger will have different inputs for its brand of battery.


If the range requirement is long, you must equip multiple chargers for the sake of off-site charging, using another supplementary charger during the day and the original charger at night.


Removing the speed limit from the controller can increase the speed of some cars, but in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will also reduce the life of the battery.


  • Stay away from extreme temperature


Normal electric scooters can perform well in a wide range of ambient temperatures, between 16℃(60℉) and 22℃(71℉) is the ideal temperature band for the highest battery performance.

It is especially important to keep the battery away from locations where the ambient temperature is higher than 35℃(95℉), as this may damage the battery capacity.


In this case, your battery can no longer power your device for an extended period after it has been charged.


Charging your device in a high-temperature environment may further damage the device. Even storing the battery in a high-temperature environment may cause irreparable damage.


A few words of nonsense,

Maybe it takes you an hour to apply all the tips & rules for better maintenance of your e-scooter, but the positive side is that it gives you the satisfaction of keeping the scooter in perfect condition and you can enjoy the ride whenever and wherever you want.


So, take care of your best electric scooter~


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