Electric Scooter FAQ: 7 Most Important Questions Answered

1. Users issue: Can electric scooters be ridden in the rain?

Terminal answer: Although the scooter is partially waterproof, for your safety, please avoid riding in the rain.

2. Users issue: How do I report a problem with my electric scooter? What information do I need to provide to report a problem?

Terminal answer: If there is a problem with the scooter, you need to provide a video of the fault or a description of the fault, the order tracking number and the vehicle identification number(the VIN can be viewed at the bottom of the scooter) to Hengzhihe after-sales customer service, which will provide a return shipping label or the customer will send it back to the Hengzhihe warehouse for repair. (The warehouse does not support cash on delivery service)

3. Users issue: How long is the warranty period for electric scooters and related parts?

Terminal answer: The warranty period for the scooter body parts of Hengzhihe electric scooters is one year; the battery warranty is half a year, and the warranty for related parts is detailed in the manual.

4. Users issue: What can I do if the e-scooter cannot be folded when needs to fold or unfolded when needs to unfold?

Terminal answer: If you can't fold when folding, folding requires a push upwards with the hand against the handle while acting on the top of the folders. Unfolding requires pressing down on the folding piece. Folding and unfolding techniques can be learned from after-sales customer service by asking for relevant videos.

5. Users issue: What should I do if the battery life is short?

Terminal answer: After 500 charge cycles the battery capacity may deteriorate and the range is highly dependent on road conditions and weather. In winter, due to the weather, the charging and discharging function of the lithium battery will be weakened and the range will become shorter.

6. Users issue: Can I remove the battery by myself?

Terminal answer:

The battery is not recommended to be dismantled privately, private dismantling may cause a short circuit; as the battery pack will expose the internal circuit of the scooter body after dismantling, the internal circuit has high voltage, touching the internal circuit is likely to receive electric shock, to avoid danger please do not dismantle yourself.

If there is a problem with the scooter body, please contact Hengzhihe after-sales service for consultation. Customers can carry out self-inspection and repair according to the professional maintenance video provided by the customer service.

7. Users issue: Within how many days can I return or replace this product after purchase?

Terminal answer: The scooter warranty policy is as follows.

1: Within 7 days from the date of receipt for the product, if there is a quality problem that is not caused by man-made damage, through the Hengzhihe after-sales service centre testing to determine, you can enjoy free of charge to return or exchange service.

2: Within 8 days to 12 months from the date of receipt for the product, if there is a quality problem that is not caused by man-made damage, the product can be replaced and repaired free of charge, as determined by the after-sales service centre of HZH (Note: the battery warranty is half a year).

3: The warranty period is based on the date of receipt by the customer as the starting date, if the date of receipt cannot be checked, the warranty will be carried out according to the order number.