Can You Ride an Electric Scooters on the Sidewalk?

One of the most cared questions about electric scooters is where you can drive the e-scooter. Can you drive it on the sidewalk, on a bike lane, or with the general traffic? Maybe you guess the answer is YES or NO, however, the answer is - it depends.

Be familiar with your local laws because Electric scooter laws vary from state to state.

In California, you can only ride an electric scooter in a bike lane, or on the right-hand side of the road, next to the curb. You can’t ride an electric scooter on a sidewalk. Furthermore, if you are crossing an intersection, you must walk the scooter across.

In Texas, you can ride it on the road, in the bike lane , or on the sidewalk. In Austin, Texas there are some sidewalks off limits to scooters, so do your research before you ride!

In Colorado, you can only ride on the sidewalk.

In Washington, DC, riding a scooter on a sidewalk is prohibited when a bike lane is available. You are permitted to ride an electric scooter on any sidewalk that is overseen by the National Park Service.

Therefore, check the website of your state Department of Motor Vehicles first. You might find information about state laws, local municipalities, and so on. Larger cities such as NYC and San Fran will also have info on the city website.

If you can’t find it online, you can just ask the local police. They can’t be clear anymore. Get the riding info on the phone rather than after they’ve handed you a citation!

Fortunately, there are a few general laws consistent from state to state. For example, you are not required to wear a helmet if you are 16 or older. When you are age 16,  riding on a public road is allowed.

 Always watch out when riding on the road.

If you have checked and ride on the road, remember to watch out for the cars, and pedestrians around you. We have a good idea to help you ride safer which is turning signals. You can mount it on the handlebar, and the light signal blinks when the rider flips a switch. It is easy for you to buy a turn signal model for under $15 online, and they are easy to install.

Also, you can use your body language to indicate direction and intent. Another choice is if your turn signal breaks down.

What about your state? Can you ride your e-scooter on the sidewalk? Leave a comment as you like. If you are not sure, please check it before you on the road.

Wish you a beautiful journey with your e-scooter. ⍢