Can an Electric Scooter(KUGOO S1 Pro) Keep Me from Being Late for Work?

Finally, I choose an e-scooter - KUGOO S1 Pro to commute to work every day.

After a period of riding experience, I would like to share with you my feelings on this e-scooter and hope to give you some references if you are just finding one too. 

No need to assembly

Unpack the box and remove the anti-collision materials, and directly open the folded KUGOO S1 Pro. Use the charging cable to fully charge the scooter for around 4 hours and you can go on the road.


One thing to emphasize. I compare it to a toy, not to say that the workmanship of the KUGOO S1 Pro is bad, or it's not worth it. On the contrary, KUGOO S1 Pro is a transportation tool that is worth buying. KUGOO S1 Pro is foldable and weighs only 11kg.


There is also an LCD Display Screen in front of the e-scooter, allowing you to monitor your speed, distance traveled, battery life, and time traveled.

7.5A battery is enough for your short-distance riding, and the maximum distance can reach 30km, which varies a little differently according to your actual riding condition.

The handlebar’s height of the KUGOO S1 Pro is adjustable.

3 different heights can be adjusted: 930mm, 1070mm, and 1160mm, which can be fit for different users.

Direct operating instructions

Turn on the power switch.

Like most similar products, the paddle on the right side of the KUGOO S1 Pro grip is the brake and the left side is the speed. (3 Speed Modes - You control the speed with one key according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more secure.) 

However, it should be noted that KUGOO S1 Pro’s brake is an electronic brake that cannot lock the wheels completely. The wheels will continue to roll forward even if you press the brake to the bottom. Pay more attention to the red lights at the zebra crossing. If you want to better lock the wheels, you can physically brake by the ‘foot brake’ on the rear wheel baffle.

Adults’ happiness can be simple

I have never thought about riding an electric scooter to work, for I haven't ridden before so with a little worry. But I gave it a try and found it easy to learn. The worry before is unnecessary. KUGOO S1 Pro brings me pure happiness.

The essence of the electric scooter is still a scooter-a “big toy” for me when I was young. The joy of riding on the KUGOO S1 Pro is that- the essence of the KUGOO S1 Pro is a scooter, and the scooter-a big toy, its essence is for having fun.


Electric scooters have another advantage over electric vehicles- there is no range anxiety at all. When the electric scooter is out of power, while still a qualified scooter. Even kicking home all the way, it still brings a kind of "playing" attribute.

So, is KUGOO S1 Pro worth it?

From my riding experience recently, I wonder if the KUGOO S1 Pro, priced at $299.99, is still very marketable. On the one hand, it does solve many common problems compared to similar products, such as the more practical solid rubber tires (not easy to puncture, durable). On the other hand, KUGOO S1 Pro is fun to ride. A motorcycle costs thousands of dollars while you can buy a KUGOO S1 Pro at less than 300 US dollars which is a great deal.

The KUGOO S1 Pro is not only a "big toy" and brings you a pleasant experience. Personally, If I had to choose between the electric cars and the KUGOO S1 Pro, I would choose the latter.

So back to the initial question, can KUGOO S1 Pro keep me from being late for work?

I think everyone has their answer.