2022 Best Off-road Electric Scooter for Adults | Kugoo Kirin G3

Hey guys, how do you do these days? 

Today I would like to share the latest new electric scooter with you.

If you are an off-road enthusiast, maybe you wanna try Kugoo Kirin G3 since it has a unique and perfect kicktail :>

Kugoo Kirin G3,

An adventurers' dream electric scooter.


A video for you to know G3 clearly ~

Of course, you could easily find more youtube videos about G3.

kugoo G3 is cool when you are riding it with the kicktail for a much more fun riding style.

Not just a commuting way, but a different funny living attitude.

But remember to be careful and in full gear at least a helmet. 

Safety first and then enjoy yourself~


All right, here are some highlights you should know,

  • 1200W Brushless Motor

The max speed can reach 50 kph/30 mph with a 25-degree climbing angle.

G3 is a powerful and reliable electric scooter.

  • TPU Suspension System

With the TPU suspension system, the G3 enables you a much more comfortable and flexible ride even on uneven roads.

No maintenance needed :>


  • A Unique Kicktail

It is specially modified to maximize the torque. With the specially designed cocktail, so that you could enjoy a more brave, free, and more amazing riding style!


  • Perfect for off-road riders!

Kugoo was founded in 2015. Over 20 models have been developed and over 1 million scooters have been sold worldwide.


Kugoo Kirin G3 is equipped with a powerful 1200W rear motor, a 52V18AH lithium battery, a touchable display control panel, a unique kicktail, and a TPU suspension system.


For more details, check here.

Get the Kugoo Kirin G3, brave your world, and be the coolest escooter rider on the street~

Excuse me?