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KUGOO G2 Pro Electric Scooter | 624WH Power | 25 MPH Max Speed

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Highlights Of G2 Pro


12.5AH battery supports a maximum riding range of 28 miles. G2 Pro can provide your daily commute with a fun and exciting experience.


Sidelight and tail lights can make the electric scooter more visible at night. You will feel safe driving no matter what time of the day.


Equipped with a powerful 800W brushless motor, the max speed can reach 25mph and a 30-degree hill grade that can help you handle different circumstances. Three different speed modes give you different choices.


The wide 9" stand deck will leave your feet enough space to stand so that it is more comfortable to ride.






Wide Pro Deck

9” Wide deck helps you to find a comfortable riding position and control the scooter with ease.

Disc Brakes

Ride safely with disc brakes at the front and back.

Bright headlight

Located at the bottom of the stem G2 Pro’s bright headlight help you to find your way even in poor visibility conditions.

LCD Display

A bright LCD screen displays all the information you need at a glance even in bright conditions.

Ergonomic T-Bar

Ride comfortably with an adjustable height T-bar which has all the controls you need easily accessible.

Dual Suspension

DualSuspension makes your ride easy to control and the ride butter smooth.

Top speed 40 kph/25 mph
Top Speed in each mode 15 kph/9 mph
30 kph/18.5 mph
40 kph/25 mph
Range 45 km/28 miles
Battery 48V 13Ah
Motor Rated Power 800W
Hill Climbing 15°
Brake System Dual Disc Brakes System
Tires 10'' Pneumatic wheels
Size-Unfolded 47.2'' *24.4'' *47.6''
Size-Folded 47.2'' *24.4'' *20.9''
Pedal Width 8.1''/20.5 cm
Chassis Height 5.9''/15 cm
Weight 52 lbs/23.5 kg
Maxload 265 lbs/120 kg
Charging Time 8h
IP Rating IP54
  • Data of specs are typical values in lab settings for your reference only and could be impacted by riding style, weight, terrain, and weather.
  • Other specs are typical values for your reference only. KUGOO shall be entitled to change without notice for any technological innovations.
What's in the box
1 Your New Electric Scooter 1
2 Charger 1
3 Charging Adapter 1
4 Installation Kit 1
5 User's Manual 1
1. How does my order get processed?
All the orders will get dispatched directly from our LA warehouse within 2 working days. It would usually take 3-5 workdays to get the package delivered.

2. How can I change or cancel my order?
If you want to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. Our relevant staff will get in touch with you immediately. Your order could be modified or refunded only before we ship out the item. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for additional help.

3. Do I need to pay for the shipping and taxes/duties?
KUGOO provides free shipping to the Contiguous United States for all scooters(Islands like Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam are not available for delivery service). All taxes/duties will be covered. For Canada customers, please check the below list for more details.

4. Why shipment delay?
Most cases of delays will be caused by holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. If you need any additional help, please contact our customer service.

5. My order never arrives. What should I do?
If you haven't received your package within the standard delivery times, please follow the steps below.
  • Check the status of your order with the tracking number first
  • Contact our customer service immediately for assistance.

6. Missing items or damaged items?
Please contact us without any hesitation. It would be appreciated if you notify us of any missing item or mistake within 3 business days of receiving the order so that we would effectively make it right for you.

7. Can I pick up my order?
Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. For now, all products are shipped directly from our warehouse to customers.


1. What PSI level should I keep the tires inflated at?

We recommend inflating its tires to 31.9-34.8 psi (220-240 kPa).

2. What will affect the e-scooter range?
The actual range depends on a variety of factors such as battery status, tire pressure, load, temperature, wind speed, road conditions, and riding habits.

3. What is the maximum user weight?
220lbs or below would be the best-case scenario for riding. A heavy-loaded scooter will lessen your range and average speed. You could take it into consideration.

4. What is the longevity of the battery? Would it lasts a couple of years before having to replace?
Hi, generally, the charge and discharge cycle of a lithium-ion battery will officially end when it can reach 500 times. In terms of the most common use of electric scooters, we may charge once every 3 days on average, about 120 to 125 times a year, based on this frequency, if you have good maintenance, the battery of the electric scooter The life span is really long!

1. Can I use it on a rainy day?
KUGOOKIRIN Scooter does use some waterproof materials to prevent daily splash, but we do not recommend riding on a rainy day for any safety risk. A greater priority to KUGOOKIRIN is safe to use of our scooters. After all, it's an electric scooter.

2. Where to get my e-scooter fixed if I lived in NYC?
KUGOOKIRIN provides a reliable warranty that is processed in the most hassle-free way possible.

3. What should I pay attention to while riding a scooter?
Safety first, you should wear a helmet while start riding it and beware of the local weather, then watch for the hazards on the road, and never forget to lock up your scooter after a ride.

4. What can I do with this scooter?
Everything you hate about commuting is solved. Say goodbye to traffic, delays, and uncertainty. With a lightweight electric vehicle, you can hop in the bike lane and on local streets and get wherever you need to go faster than ever before.

5. Can I ride my scooter in the snow?
Hi, we don't recommend you ride it in the snow, it's dangerous, and the battery will run out faster than normal under 0 ℃.

6. Can this overcharge if stayed plugged in overnight?
No, however, we do not recommend charging the scooter for longer than a maximum of 24 hours.

7. Does the speed become slower as the battery level is lower?
Yes. The more battery power is consumed, the lower the voltage, and the corresponding maximum speed will be slower.