Kirin G3 Swiper

Technical Specifications

Rear XOFO Motor

Equipped with a powerful 250W motor, default speed setting is 32kmh. The combination of the belt drive with the internal hub makes for exceptionally smooth and quiet shifting.

Lithium battery

With Kakuka's progressive lithium battery technology, the 18650 power lithium battery with 36V voltage and 7.5 Ah capacity achieves an energy conversion efficiency of 85%, laying a solid foundation for a range of up to 70KM in electric moped mode.


Saddle size: 270*160mm (K70 Black). The right saddle makes the bike feel more like an extension of your body instead of a contraption that you are perched on top of. Full-grain leather molds to your shape for years of comfort.

Disc Brake

Disc brakes are more stable at higher speeds and resistance to brake faded. Compared to the traditional drum brake, disc brake performs better in wet conditions.