Safety Tips for First Learners to Ride a Scooter

  1. Always check the tires, brakes and bolts before your ride.

It would be extremely dangerous if one of them got loosen during riding, which may cause an accident.

  1. Start slow and wear a helmet.

Drive slowly when you haven’t commanded proper skills of riding a scooter and wearing a helmet keeps your head from getting hurt.

  1. Always watch out for cars and slow down when riding on a sidewalk.

Cars will not make way for you, so you need to be extra careful when passing by cars.

There are a lots of people on the sidewalk, therefore, you need to pay full attention to riding in case you hit someone. Especially kids and pets, they may run toward you suddenly.

     4. Do not ride in rain.

It is for the safety of both the rider and the scooter.

Roads could be really slippery when raining, which is dangerous for a new rider. In addition, it may cause a water damage on the battery, and water damage is not under our warranty.

I am sure you can handle it well on the road with tips above.

Wish you a happy and safe ride!


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