KUGOO S1 Folding Electric Scooter - I Regret Buying It.

Open the curtains, the sunlight shine in and at the head of the bed, sparking golden light. It's a nice day. 

Today I have a date with my friend - we are going to have a picnic on a lawn in a park where there is a lake beside the lawn. It's about 5 kilometers near my home. We made an appointment at 4:30. Because at that time, the sun won't be too harsh, and we can um.. maybe enjoyed the sunset.

Around 4:00,I started preparing for the picnic. I took a box of sushi, a bag of bread, several fruit and a large bottle of orange juice and 2 cups, which were prepared last night in the refrigerator and put them in the basket.

And then, I put on a floral skirt, which fits the theme of today's picnic. Took my electric car key. Oh, wait. I have to say something about my scooter. 

This is the second electric scooter I bought after my graduation. My first one’s motor broken and I don’t know why. So I care the motor of scooter the most. And I have bought KUGOO S1 and have ridden it for almost half a year. It still works well.

I bought my small electric scooter on Kugoo's official website, the KUGOO S1 folding electric scooter. It’s $269.99, which is 200W more than the KUGOO KIRIN Mini 2. Mine is 350W and can run up to 30KM. So it’s more than enough for me to a picnic today. Of course, I usually use it as a commuting transportation to work and after I back home, find it still 1/3 left. It is very convenient, except in bad weather, I might take a bus or taxi.

Sorry I have to go. I quickly carry my basket and went downstairs. But I am not flustered for the reason that I have my super electric scooter KUGOO S1. I regret buying it cause if I bought it early!

Less than 10 minutes, I arrived at the park. I saw my friend was spreading the tablecloths. I parked my scooter aside, smiled and waved to her, looking forward to a beautiful afternoon. And a beactiful you!

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