Electric Scooter with Removable Seat - Save Your Numb Feet!

If you have the experience browsing the KUGOO website, I'm sure you've noticed that there is an electric scooter with seat! It is KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro folding electric scooter.

It is a great news for those who need or want a seat( can be dismantled easily if you want).

Except for the removable seat, the KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro is not the only highlight. Let's take a look together!


Highlights of KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro

  • 10 inch anti-skid tire

High grip, hard wearing and safe tire, which is suitable for different types of road.

  • Luxury 500W motor

Strong power and long range: 500W motor for 65km maximum riding distance.

  • Front led light & safety warning taillight

The bright front light can help you ride ahead & the red taillight can ensure your safety on night rides.

  • Safer brake system

The electric scooter is equipped with dual disk brake on the front and rear wheel.

Double damping helps you to enjoy extra mileage on a variety of terrain types.


Find more details about KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro and other electric scooters on KUGOO official website!

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