Weight Limit on Electric Scooter with Seat - All You Should Know

Everyone who is searching for a brand-new electric scooter with seat will always focus on motor power, battery capacity, top speed, and max range. However, here is another factor you can't ignore - the weight limit of an electric scooter with seat - which will impact your riding experience if you fail to notice it.


What is the Weight Limit on Electric Scooter?

The weight limit, or max load of an electric scooter, depends on the scooter type. 

Most scooters have a carrying capacity ranging from 220 lb (100 kg) to 265 lb (120 kg).

Portable scooter often has a low weight limit, and this type of scooter tend to use light material and are designed for portability and lightweight to carry. 

Off-road e-scooter are often equipped with high-end materials for solid scooter bodies and higher riding needs. These scooters often have a higher weight limit.

For those heavy riders, you are still able to find some e-scooters with a weight limit of 400 lb or more. 

Typically, the weight limit is for adult e-scooters since adults are heavier than kids or teenagers. Thus if you are searching for an adult scooter, don't oversight the weight limit.


Why Weight Limits Can't Be Ignored?

You'd better consider more weight except for your weight when selecting an electric scooter with seat for adults. Sometimes a bag for groceries or a schoolbag even just putting on more clothes in winter can easily exceed the weight limit on e-scooters. 

The common influence of an over-loaded scooter is the poor performance offered by the scooter, such as the lower speed, hard to climb the slope, and battery electricity consumed faster than normal. 

What's more, it can be dangerous to ride over-weighted. 

And long-time overloading on your electric scooter can do damage to the parts of the scooter, so the lifespan of your scooter will shorten. 

Shortly, riding over the weight limit can cause bad performance, damage to the scooter, and be dangerous for yourself.


Factors Affecting Weight Limits

You can guess whether the weight limit of an electric scooter with a seat is high or low simply from the scooter type or mode.

However, other factors impact the weight limits of an electric scooter with seat. 

Build Quality

The material of the scooter build affects the weight limit of a scooter. Solid materials can carry more weight, such as the frame material, tires, rubber, or PYU often stronger to carry more weight.

Lightweight scooters are usually designed with lightweight material thus these scooters often fail to carry a large weight.



A large battery capacity can give more power to the scooter's normal operation and it determines the max distance you can go. If you are riding on a scooter with 50% electricity or lower, it is not hard to find it can't ride as far as normal distance. 

Always fully charge your scooter to meet your daily ride.



The suspension of the scooter matters a lot to the riding experience. Scooters with Suspension mean comfortable on the ride. Scooters without a suspension can often give you a poor ride, particularly on uneven roads. It is hard to ride fast as the bumps directly to your feet, knees, and even your hips on the seated scooter.



The motor power influences the speed of acceleration. Some people have to push their scooter to go uphill mainly because of their scooter's unsatisfied motor power. Or sometimes just lack of power.

Finding a powerful motor can save you many problems while riding. 


Why the Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro is one of the Best Selling Electric Scooters with seats?

So far, Kugoo Kirin has 2 off-roading e-scooters with seats, namely the Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro and the Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro. Of course, let us expect the new products with seats soon.

Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro is an off-roading e-scooter with so many features at a decent price. 

  • 18 Ah large battery capacity
  • 500W powerful motor
  • 31 mph top speed + 31-37 miles depending on the riding conditions, rider weight, etc.
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs/135 kg

Other highlights about Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro

  1. Comes with a detachable seat, you can also enjoy a normal riding experience by simply removing the seat. The installation is quite easy too.
  2. 22 cm wide deck, gives more space for your feet.
  3. Dual disc brake system, offers strong braking even at a high speed.
  4. 6 lights and 10-inch of-roading PU tires.


What Happens If You Exceed the Weight Limit?

Poor Performance

Overloading the scooter will reduce the speed at which you can feel it. Besides, it will be difficult to get uphill. And you can barely get the max range as usual.

Scooter Damage 

The brake distance will be longer if you ride the scooter over the weight limit. So it will be dangerous if you are riding on a crowded road. What's worse, it will wear off the tires and you have to get the tires changed due to improper riding behavior. 

An overweight ride also harms the scooter frame and chassis. 



After all, the weight limit is indeed a factor that we can ignore while picking up one electric scooter with seat. And we have known the factors that affect the weight limit and the downsides of riding our scooters overweight. Let us be wise scooters riders and better maintain our commuting friends. :D