The Best Alternatives to Scooter Repair Shops

Even when using electric scooters properly, it is hard to avoid some unexpected problems like flat tires.

No worries. Besides getting your scooter repaired in the scooter repair shops near you, here are other approaches as follows for you to consider.


Where to get your e-scooter repaired?

Seek help from Online

If there is no one around you who knows how to repair electric scooters, we can usually look for answers on the internet.

There are many electric scooter forums online, such as ESG, as well as many Facebook groups and Reddit communities where gathered many electric scooter holders and enthusiasts are.

All you need to do is to join the FB group or community and post your question here, and you may be able to get some help from the group members.

How to find a suitable group or community?

 Type your scooter’s brand or model in the search box. Such as KugooKirin Electric Scooter Users, is one of our official FB groups for members to communicate with after-sale problems and share their scooter life here, of course, you can get some new friends here.


Repair by yourself

If it is a better-maintained electric scooter, usually we encounter some minor problems that can be solved by ourselves.

Some common problems, such as replacing tires, fixing loose screws and noise from the vehicle and charging the electric scooter, etc.

You can easily find some videos on YouTube to follow the video step by step.

Kugoo M2 Pro

Return to the original seller

If you bought your electric scooter from official channels like official websites or reliable platforms like Amazon, then it is time to seek help from your original seller.

Generally, they offer a warranty of six months to a year or even longer. Sellers’ contact information can be found on their website like “contact us”. Most sellers are inclined to help you out via after-sale email.

At this point, you just need to provide your order number + description of the problem + relevant pictures or videos and send them to the official after-sales team's email address and then wait for a few workdays.

By the way, we KugooKirin also offer a reliable warranty policy.


Local personal electric vehicle repair shops

With the popularity of electric scooters, increasing personal electric vehicle store repair shops are popping up in big cities.

To know if there is just such one near you, simply Google search and find a repair store near you.