Suspension of Electric Scooter Seat: All You Should Know

Most people are usually more concerned when picking an electric scooter, motor power, battery capacity, maximum mileage maximum speed, and so on these more important parameters. Many people will ignore the suspension aspect of the electric scooter, however, with the suspension in an electric scooter ride, you will notice the difference with or without the suspension.


What is the suspension of an electric scooter?

The suspension of an electric scooter is a mechanism within the e-scooter. It helps balance the ride quality and handle the road. The suspension absorbs the impact of riding on uneven terrain and makes the ride smoother for the riders. As a result, you can better handle the ride and won’t get a bumpy ride on uneven roads.



Why does the suspension matter?

The suspension is a vital factor that you should take into consideration if you plan to purchase an electric scooter.

Especially the road where you often ride is uneven with so many rocks.

Then, the suspension matters a lot.

The electric scooter suspension is like the motorbike suspension, and it has a part that can absorb the impact of the road surface. Therefore, you can get control of the scooter even on uneven roads with fewer bumps.

In a word, an electric scooter with suspension can give you a relaxing and comfortable ride with so much fun, and no bumps.

Types of suspension

  1. Spring Suspension

A spring suspension can reduce the bumps while riding. The coil travels up and down, reducing the impact when you hit a bump.


  1. Hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic suspension is one of the best suspensions for electric scooters. So electric scooters with this suspension often are high-ended ones with expensive prices.

The hydraulic suspension system uses liquid to cushion your ride when the scooter goes over a bump. The hydraulic actuator will fill with liquid when the scooter goes over a bump so that it can expand and push against the components. Compared with other suspension systems, it can react quickly and so enable a firmer ride.

Hydraulic suspension can be your number choice if you care about stability and comfort a lot on scooter rides.


  1. Rubber suspension

Rubber suspension does a great job of absorbing impact since it offers natural support, softness, and malleability.

If you choose an electric scooter with rubber suspension, you can feel the reduction of vibration, road noise, and even the scooter’s weight.


How to maintain the suspension of an electric scooter?

We all know that the suspension of an electric scooter means a lot, so the proper maintenance of suspension can prolong your scooter’s lifespan.

Here are two simple things we can do to maintain the suspension of electric scooters.


  • Lubricate the shock absorber

As an important part of the suspension, the shock absorber takes in most of the impact.

When you go over bumps or ride on tough terrain, the shock absorber goes up and down to dampen the impact from the road. It needs to be smooth so don’t forget to lubricate it from time to time.

Unless the shock absorber needs lubrication, your suspension may get damaged if non-lubrication.


  • Adjust the screws of the suspension

The parts of the suspension are connected with screws. You should check the screws when the suspension is too noisy, loose, or tight.

The best status of suspension is that: not too loose or too tight. Adjust the screws to a suitable tightness.

If you adjust the suspension to a tight condition, the suspension will be too stiff and won’t function for your ride.

If the suspension is too loose, you can barely feel its existence.

Always adjusting the suspension to a good condition can better show its advantages on rides.



The suspension of the electric scooter can better absorb the impact from the road and give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Remember to notice whether an electric scooter has a suspension or not and what type of it is while picking up a new scooter.

Regular suspension maintenance can largely increase the use period of your electric scooter.