Should You Choose an Adult E Scooter with Seat?

All things come from needs. When you are curious about the seated adult e scooters in the street, would you also be interested in riding an e scooter like that?


Riding an electric scooter not in a traditional standing position but in a sitting way may be quite different but it indeed saves a lot of energy and is well perfect for those after a whole day's work.

So, should you choose an adult e scooter with seat? Since it is quite comfortable to ride without any feet numbness due to long time rides. 

Here are some pros and cons of an e scooter with seat you should know.


Cons of an adult e scooter with seat

  • Less portable

With a seat on the scooter deck, it may not be folded. It may be a hassle when you need to carry the scooter sometimes, like taking public transportation or going up the steps. 

The unfolded scooter may cause too much space in crowded transportation. And carrying an unfolded scooter to go up the steps can be difficult and inconvenient. 


  • Less loading weight

An e scooter without a seat always carries more loading weight than an e scooter with a seat. What's more, the added seat also has a certain weight to the scooter, which also influences the riding performance. 


  • Less freedom to an all-terrain ride

Most scooter riders prefer to sometimes enjoy an off-roading ride. However, it seems less fun and possibilities to have an off-roading adventure on a seated scooter. The seat can be a hinder this time. 


Pros of an adult e scooter with seat

Most people choose to buy an adult e scooter with seat just for one reason - comfort.

Indeed, if you want to sit and rest your leg sometimes, then the scooter with a seat can be your primary choice.


While you may not only want to enjoy the comfort of a seated e scooter but also don't want to bear the trouble that a seated scooter may bring, here is another choice for you!

An adult e scooter with a detachable seat!


Most adult e-scooters with seats are designed with a detachable system, which can make it ride both standing and sitting. 

Simple installment steps and you can ride your scooter sitting with comfort, especially for a long time riding journey.

If you need to carry it sometimes on public transport and the comfort doesn't matter a lot, just move the seat as simple as the installation process, and then you can go out right now.


Currently, we KugooKirin have 2 off-road e scooter with a detachable seats for you. 

Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro and Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro.


You can generally compare the basic specs and then choose the one best suits you!

Model Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro
Motor 500W 600W
Max range 37-43 miles 34 miles
Max load 300 lbs/135 kg 120 kg/265 lbs
Brake system Dual Disc Brake Dual Disc Brake
Battery 48V 18Ah 48V 15Ah
Tire 10'' Off-Road Tires 9'' Off-Road Tires
Hill Climbing 15° 20°


Still not sure? Listen to what they said about these 2 e scooters!

  • Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro - @SHREDDIE MCSKATE


  • Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro - @Tech4All



Whether you choose an adult e scooter with seat or not? I think maybe you get your answer now. 

Or, just take an adult e scooter with a detachable seat, you can try either riding position as you like. Hope you can enjoy the fun of seated e-scootering!