How to choose an electric scooters for your kids-Buying guide for parents

  • What age is good for an electric scooter?

For safety reasons, we recommend that children aged 8 and override electric scooters with a maximum weight limit of 60kg or 80kg depending on the model. This is because children of this age have better motor skills and awareness of their surroundings to control the scooter safely.

  • Do kids need a Licence for an electric scooter?

Typically, the age limit for a kid to operate an electric scooter will be 11 years old to 18 years old; however, each state and city has different rules. Many states require that an operator have a valid driver's license or at least a learner's permit.

Selection tips

  • Purchase a scooter suitable for children to play

Different structures of scooters require different balance skills, parents should choose the right product according to the actual age and weight of the child. Should also be based on the child's balance, control ability, and other physical skills to buy.

(1) Consumers should learn more about the products of various brands, and compare and select different structures, functions, and other product parameters.

(2) It is recommended to choose the more well-known domestic or international brands, or from the authority to choose the quality of goods issued by the supervision of information on the higher pass rate of the brand. KUGOO MINI 2 for example.

(3) in the selection of products, first look at the packaging, try to choose better packaging, clear printing, model specifications, factory name, factory address complete products. Secondly, look at the appearance of high-quality, good materials, generally bright and colorful.

  •  Carefully read the product instructions and logos

Parents need to be particularly careful and carefully read the instructions for use and warnings included in the package.


Tips for use

  • Before Riding

(1) Appropriate protective equipment should be worn, such as helmets, gloves, knee, and elbow pads, sports shoes, etc.

(2) Parents should teach children not to jump on the scooter, once they lose balance, they should immediately get off the scooter.

(3) Parents should always pay attention to the children, always pay attention to the next person and the surrounding things, so that children riding scooters due to loss of control and injury to themselves or the next person.

  •  Maintenance

(1) Before each use must check whether all parts are correctly installed in place and whether the screws, locking devices, etc. are solid and effective.

(2) Check regularly whether all parts are worn and whether the pedal is broken.

(3) After use, it is advisable to wipe the handle, pedal, and wheel lightly with a wet cloth.

  • Riding

(1) Use the scooter in a safe and suitable place, do not use the scooter on roads, slopes, slippery or uneven, and other dangerous places.

(2) Due to their size and speed, scooters should not be used in crowded places such as sidewalks or shopping malls.