How to Charge Adult E Scooter with Seat?

Battery failure is a common issue that happens with our adult e-scooter with seat. The biggest problem with the battery is that the battery can not be charged as normal. Most persons will decide to replug the connector and check whether they have connected the line correctly and tightly. Sometimes, such action solves the problem but sometimes it just doesn't work out. What else can we do?


Find the issues and get your scooter charged smoothly

The battery is the main part of an adult e-scooter with a seat, without which your scooter is just like a kick scooter, without any power. Getting your battery to work normally is quite important, so let us do some small checking to find the real problem with your battery.


Charger failure

Check your battery charger, whether it is in good condition or not. 

When did you use the charger to charge your battery? Remember to use the original charger from the seller to charge your scooter battery. Don't just buy a random one to replace the original charger. 

You can test the voltage output of the charger with a professional multimeter.
Chargers are prone to failure under low or zero voltage conditions. Charge with a voltage a few volts higher than the charger's recommended voltage to be a charger-friendly voltage.


Battery failure

In addition to the reason for the charger, long-term use of the electric scooter may also have a certain impact on the battery, or incorrect charging method, over-charging, and the battery is also easily damaged, so it cannot be charged normally.
Check that your battery is functioning properly, such as for odors and melting issues. For example, whether there are any smell of burnt rubber or plastic, loose or frayed wires, etc.


Charger port failure

Check the charging port of the charger. Another part of the charger that cannot be ignored and is prone to the most frequent problems is the charging port of the charger. If the charging port is broken or the cable is worn out, then this is likely to be a key reason for not charging. Troubleshoot charging by carefully inspecting the cable and connector portion of the charger port.


Bad Connection

If the situation of not charging is only due to the poor connection between the charger and the charging interface, or the connection between the charger and the socket, then it is very easy to solve the problem. 

Simply replug and carefully connect the charging port until you see the light on the charger light up. 


How to charge your adult e-scooter with seat?

There are two ways to charge your scooter. The most common one people choose is to plug the charger directly into the scooter's charging port. 

Plug the charger directly into the scooter

  1. The charging port is usually located at the bottom of the scooter. After finding the charging port of the scooter, just plug the charger into the port until it is connected. 

We recommend you use the original charger that comes with the scooter as other chargers may not charge your scooter well because of the different voltage, and plugs.

  1. Plug the other end of the charger into a standard wall outlet. When the light on the charger lights up, then it means your scooter is charging normally. 
  2. Always remember to unplug the wall socket first and then unplug the charger on the scooter. It usually takes a couple of hours to get the full charge. 

Check the suitable charging time for your scooter and avoid overcharging which will harm your battery. 


Another troublesome charge method,

Charge the battery directly

Remove the battery from the scooter body, most of the battery is in the bottom of the car seat.

  • Close the scooter power. Use a screwdriver to remove the panel, the battery line above the battery should also be removed with a wrench or screwdriver, after which you can take the battery off.


  • Plug the cable terminals into the appropriate plug-in charger. If the scooter's battery terminals are covered by plastic connectors, simply plug them into the charger until you hear a click. You may have a plastic terminal with two wires or two cables with two plastic ends. If you have two cables, plug the red cable into the positive terminal of the charger and the black cable into the negative terminal.


  • Connect a two-pipe charger to a battery cable with exposed wires. A two-pipe charger will have two cables with metal ports, terminals, or clips on the end designed to establish a current connection to the exposed battery wires. Connect the red cable from the battery to the red cable of the charger and the black battery cable to the black charger cable.

Plug the charger into a standard electrical outlet.


How to keep your battery healthy for a long period?

  1. Charge the battery before it dies. Low power left is not good for your battery service life.
  2. If you don’t need it for a long time, you need to charge it every month to ensure that the battery has around 40-60% power left.
  3. Charge it every time after riding it. Charging at night could be a good idea for scooters.
  4. Charge it within the recommended hours, as said in the instruction manual.



If all the battery failure troubleshooting approaches don't work, maybe the last way is just to buy another new one. Theoretically, the service life of a lithium battery is 300-500 times. The battery will finally break down after a long time of service.

Scientifically charging your adult e scooter's battery and doing regular maintenance can give your battery a longer lifespan.