Holiday Gift Guide 2021 for Your Men - Practical E- Scooters this Christmas

Best Christmas Gifts for Men: KUGOO KIRIN M4 Pro, KUGOO S1 Pro, KUGOO G2 Pro, KUGOO KIRIN G1, KUGOO S1, KUGOOKIRIN S2, RND F14 Mini, KUGOO KIRIN Mini 2.

Christmas is coming soon! Everyone is going about getting gifts this Christmas for their families and friends~

Are you worried about what gift to buy for your brother, boyfriend, or husband?

That is true, it is really hard for us to choose a nice gift for men. Men tend to buy something in need. So, why not buy him a scooter as a gift?

Trust us, no man would say 'No' to a wonderful electric scooter!

We have made a clear list for picking the right scooter as below.

For busy executive - KUGOO G2 Pro

Sleek, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed, it is always a good choice for busy people to carry wherever.

No worry about the traffic lights every 50 meters in the Central Business District. Riding the Kugoo G2 Pro scooter, no more congestion and traffic lights, time-saving, and what's more, gives you a good riding experience!


For the commuters - KUGOO S1 Pro

It's light, at 11kg, and can be pulled around or rolled up like a cart - lightweight is important for commuters.
It has a small footprint, folds in 2 steps, and can be folded at any time during peak periods to take on trains or subways, or buses without inconveniencing other passengers.

Solid honeycomb explosion-proof tires save your worries and time, no more flat tires and changing tires every few months. And the honeycomb tires also give you the best riding experience - less shock~

For he is not willing to walk to the hawker center - RND F14 Mini

Yup, you know him. There is always a person begging you to buy food at home for his crying belly.

Maybe you could let him out for buying food. RHD F14 Mini is a great scooter for lazy guys. No more hot and tedious 15 min walk, but a super cool 2 min ride to get your want.

Also, RHD F14 Mini, the lightest e-scooter at 8.9kg on Kugoo(USA) official certified Site. Less effort to carry or you can roll it along. Got it!


For college students - KUGOO KIRIN S2

Big college, massive students, moving from dorm to classroom or classroom to another classroom is indeed driven us crazy, esp in the summer. Hot.

But most of us can't afford a car, and also kind of trouble to park the car so a scooter for adults could help.

Kugoo Kirin S2 is uniquely suited to a college student, powerful to overcome any slopes on campus, enough range to go the distance, and is light to bring onto public transport. (11.22kg)

Scooter's easy folding system takes less space in your classroom~


Find your man the best electric scooter and give him a big surprise on Christmas day~