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6 Things to Know for Winter Safe Escooter Ride in 2022 | Merry Christmas~

6 Things to Know for Winter Safe Escooter Ride in 2022 | Merry Christmas~

Aug 02, 2022

6 Things to Know for Winter Safe Escooter Ride in 2022 | Merry Christmas~

Hey guys, Merry Christmas~

How are you doing these days? Happy or excited?

What I am for sure you guys are happy and have no time to check this blog haha.

But I don't care, still have something for you if you are gona ride a electric scooter outside these days, in winter. Check this.

6 things to safely ride your escooter in winter,

  • Daily Check

It takes more time to cook in winter, the same as more enery consumed when riding an electric scooter in winter.

Fully charged your escooter before ride everytime.

What's more, check if your scooter is okay from many parts, such as lights, accleration, brake, tires and so on.

All these checking just for the later perfect and wonderful riding outside in such a cold day.


  • Get yourself warm

It is winter, outside cold. So don't forget to warm you up esp riding. I have seen the same situations many times. Walking persons wear less than the riding man, of course the person inside a car is not included.

You know how cold it is outside on a speedy scooter, so just promise me, seriously, take care of your neck, hands, head.

You can also adding something like reflective strips on your clothes to make yourself to be seen in dark ride.


  • Wear a helmet

Helmet! Helmet! Helmet!

I have to say three times thanks god you have always beared this in mind.

A helmet in winter not only can protect your head from hurting but also warm your head. Doesn't it?

A helmet gives you a happy and relieved ride even in cold winter~

So, wear your full face helmet like a hero!


  • Protect yourself from coldness

I am afraid of cold winter so I gonna tell your guys one more time. The frozen wind is not kidding.

Warm & waterproof clothing(with reflective strips will help in dark road), sarf, a pair of gloves and anything makes your body warmer.


  • Carefully ride

There are much more dangers on the winter road, like the hidden ice road edge, snow and water road, which make the riding road more slippery then other seasons.

If you don't believe it, ride your scooter at a high speed outside and you will get the lesson.

To avoid unneccessary problems while riding a escooter,

  1. Don't accelerate or brake  the speed too fast.
  2. Stay away from the water, ice, snow road.
  3. Always bear in mind the slippery road, so you won't be too excited to celerate the Christmas day.
  4.  ... (I don't figure out more, so just stay safe, promise me.)


  • Watch out the others

It is also dangerous for others if you are riding your best escooter on the road.

Always keep an eye on the cars, pedestrians, electric scooters and other road users.
Try to leave plenty of space between yourself and others. Safety first.
Merry Chritmas ~





Aug 02, 2022